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Up to 2.5 Million People in the United States Have Severe Asthma

affects almost 25 million
people in the
United States1


5% to10%

of them have
severe asthma2

Upto 50%

of that with
severe asthma are

Data from National Health Interview Survey, 2021. Asthma patients who answered yes to question, “Do you still have asthma?”

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Program Summary

The LUMA basics: Learn that asthma is a chronic disease of airway inflammation; Understand that the immune system is an underlying cause of asthma; and Manage the role you play in your asthma care.

Asthma Journal

An asthma journal to help you keep track of your asthma symptoms, medication use, triggers, and peak flow readings.


What is severe asthma? What is airway inflammation? Watch these videos to learn about the prevalence and symptoms of severe asthma and understand how the immune system can be the underlying cause of asthma.

Resources in Spanish

A growing library of LUMA content, now available en español!

Hot Topics

Did you know that Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous individuals in the US face the highest burden of asthma? Do you know that visits to physicians and emergency departments due to asthma peak during the early fall? Learn more about these and other special focus areas for LUMA.

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